The Good Plastic Table

The Good Plastic Table is a multi-purpose, compact, durable, thought-through, and transformable desk. It serves as a shelf, is easy to open/close, provides space when you need it, and is unobtrusive. It is comfortable, safe, ergonomic, and spacious.

Our Mission

We are Good Plastic Things, and it is our mission to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that are generated annually by developing products from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic.


At Good Plastic Things we care about the quality, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics of our products. Our designers work in close collaboration with the recycled panel production team at The Good Plastic Company and the fabrication facility at Good Plastic Things. By doing so we are able to provide a wide range of design services such as product and industrial design, interior design and architecture.


We also provide fabrication and manufacturing services. Recycled plastic is a new type of material and so we have built a facility where we test, develop and manufacture products made out of Good Plastic. In order to achieve the highest quality and develop market-ready products we have equipped our factory with a metal workshop, wood workshop, CNC milling machine and other necessary tools. Most importantly, we have built a team of highly skilled workers and genius engineers.

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Good Plastic Things
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