At Good Plastic Things we care about the quality, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics of our products. Our designers work in close collaboration with the recycled panel production team at The Good Plastic Company and Good Plastic Things’ fabrication and manufacturing facility. By doing so we are able to provide a wide range of design services such as product and industrial design, interior design and architecture.

Product designIndustrial designInterior design

A Good Plastic Christmas

300 Christmas decorations have been designed and produced to celebrate the end of 2020 with our clients and partners.

Good Plastic Desks

Working from home requires a convenient and flexible desk space. Our ingeniously designed Good Plastic folding tables have been created to make your workspace as stylish as it is practical. Our tables, in a variety of colours made from recycled plastic, are both sustainable and durable.

Good Plastic Shelves

These marvellous bookshelves grace a stylish Copenhagen apartment. Designed by architects Iryna Tsyoma and Ole Storjohann from oak and Good Plastic Timeless Duo panels.

Good Plastic Coffee Tables

Our designs are based on true stories. Every object that we’ve made has its own story and its own unique future. Fishing lines become tennis rackets, plastic bags serve as school desks, seedling boxes continue their lives as fashionable shelves. There is an unlimited number of applications for old stuff, and we are always open to new ideas.

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